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These organizations created an efficiency focused culture overhauling their cost management at scale

Cloudthread’s cloud cost telemetry framework lets you start building with cost efficiency from day one.

Our continued success depends on distributing responsibilities for cost efficiencies to individual teams who are closest to the cost/benefit tradeoffs.

Jennifer Rice

Director, TPM & Engineering Operations

Our efficiency approach, therefore, is to provide cost transparency and place the efficiency context as close to the decision-makers as possible.

Torio Risianto

Director, TPM & Engineering Operations

It is time to make cloud costs a first-class citizen in engineering development process. It is just too expensive to build like cloud is free and refactor later.

Ilia Semenov

Co-Founder, Cloudthread

Ex Tech Lead - FinOps Data Engineering

Understand the cost efficiency of your application in half a second - build efficiently today so you don’t have to refactor tomorrow.

Instantly catch cloud cost spikes and the endpoint driving it. No extra reports. No time wasted.

Know what your cloud bill will be in one week, one month, one year based on the behavior of your applications.

Cloudthread Cloud Cost Telemetry Data Pipeline

At Cloudthread cost data is just one piece of the puzzle. Application performance data unlocks cloud cost telemetry

Cloud Cost Telemetry Framework

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