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Cloud costs.

The developer way.

Empower engineers to make cost conscious decisions seamlessly. Cloud cost unit metrics delivered through major APM platforms - Datadog, New Relic, Splunk.

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Introducing Cloud Cost Telemetry

Cloudthread makes it easy for engineering teams to be cost conscious and allows cloud finance teams to maintain end-to-end cost accountability.

FinOps Teams

Empower engineering teams with the metrics they need to manage application costs and act on KPIs.

KPI Management

Application reports


First step is Cloud Enthusiasm. Engineers experiencing an increase in productivity and agility with Cloud Computing
Engineering Leadership

Build the bridge between FinOps and your engineering teams to align incentives without disrupting velocity.

Application reports


Post-Deployment Analytics

Step four is Cloud Nirvana, an alignment between Infrastructure and Product Development that empowers sustained infrastructure efficiency.
Engineering Teams

Act on intuitive cloud unit metrics derived from APM data - displayed in APM tools - without sacrificing speed.


Cost per Endpoint and Query

Alerting and Anomaly Detection


How it Works

How Cloudthread makes costs easy for both FinOps and Engineering teams


KPI Management

Set thresholds and leverage benchmarks

FinOps teams need to set objectives to help your company hit its targets.  Introduce KPIs that engineering teams can manage towards.

Efficiency Focused

Analyze cost performance the right way

Understanding long term performance with the cloud isn't about top line numbers, but whether you're getting the most out of each dollar.

Seamless Integration

Introduce cost without disruption

Give engineering teams the data they need in the tools they already know and love.  Don't disrupt productivity to keep costs under control.

Ownership Oriented

Implement "You build it, you run it" culture

Engineering teams need tools to manage their costs in order for your company to grow effectively.  Empower them to own their impact. 

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What is our mission?

Our mission is to make cloud financials easy for engineering teams through integrating cloud cost telemetry into engineering workflows.

What makes us unique?

We’re the only tool that uses APM data so that your engineering teams understand their cloud cost drivers.

Do I need to be an expert to implement Cloudthread?

No. We provide out-of-the-box value that’s easy to set up along with full customizability so that you can tailor Cloudthread to your unique needs.

Sounds great, but how do you handle shared resources?

Having APM data makes this easy, we automatically allocate shared resource costs to the application based on resource usage.

How does the Cloudthread subscription work?

Monthly rate based on data ingested and applications tracked, not a percentage of your bill.

Will your FinOps team be happy forever if your organization uses Cloudthread?


Awesome! Where do I get started?

Click here to meet with our team - looking forward to it!

How do you implement Cloudthread?

Cloudthread is a one-click integration that requires read-only credentials for cloud infrastructure providers and APM.


KPI Management

Data without targets is not actionable, targets without data are meaningless.  FinOps teams manage thresholds and targets to achieve company goals and align incentives. 

Benchmarking across teams and industries to track success

Application reports to quickly understand overall performance

Data integrity tools to ensure proper allocation and build trust

Efficiency Focused

Top-line cloud bills grow and shrink based on your users, not your engineers.  Application cost unit metrics are built for long term analysis in a way absolute numbers can't deliver.

Post-deployment monitoring for application cost anomalies

Cost / Endpoint or Query analysis to understand performance 

Natural problem solving format as simple as classic APM issues

Seamless Integration

Engineering teams don't want or need a new tool to manage costs.  Teams analyze and manage cost KPIs as part of their normal routine within tools they already love.

Integrations with New Relic, Splunk, and Datadog

Cost metrics included on existing application dashboards

Alerting and anomaly detection to speed response times 

Ownership Oriented

Effective cloud cost optimization is rooted in engineering teams acting on cost drivers.  Teams own the data to analyze their impact and take action with a sense of pride.

Application level data for owners to analyze performance

Leaderboards to motivate teams to solve critical efficiency problems

Cost allocation fairly distributed based on usage, not resources

Empower accountability across your organization and answer previously unapproachable questions about the relationship between your applications and cloud costs.

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Customer data security and confidence are our top priority

We consistently abide by preeminent industry security standards and abide by robust security practices. For more details on our security please reach out to our team.

All data we store is encrypted at rest in AWS for maximum security.

Sensitive data is encrypted at rest

We don't store credit card information and entrust payment processing to the most respected partners.

We don't store credit card information

Our security aligns with AWS best practices

All data to our website and platform is encrypted in transit by default.

Data is encrypted and secure in transit

Amazon is one of our public cloud partners.
New Relic is one of our APM partners.
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