Simple Cost Transparency. Straightforward reporting for engineering teams

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Simple Cost Transparency in action

Budgeting & Forecasting

Minimize cost uncertainty with clear budgets and data driven forecasts. No surprises. No headaches. No time wasted.

Engineering Time Savings

Make cost efficiency consideration a seamless  part of your engineering process.

Root Cause Analysis

Know immediately when unexpected spikes happen, and find out why easily.
Clean Charts. Accurate, Relevant Data

Provide cost data that matters to your engineering team

Simple, focused cost analytics that’s designed to create cost signal so teams can focus on what matters and ignore what doesn’t. A focus on what matters, no distracting RI / SP calcluators.
Convenient Filtering

Segment cost data for your teams

Create Views by account, region, service type, and any custom tags. Save Views, create budgets and alerts on them, and create visibility with your team easily.
Powerful Drill Down

Understand the root cause behind any cost driver

Dig through accounts, services, individual resources, and operations in order to understand what’s causing an unexpected change.
Reporting & Alerting

Get data where and when it matters

Automated reports give you a sense of the cost movers and shakers. Customized reports and alerts through email and Slack that can keep your team’s pulse on cost efficiency and raise a flag when something needs attention.
Cloud Cost Telemetry Data Pipeline

Cloud costs are valuable in context, not in a silo