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Cloud Infrastructure Intelligence

Make all teams, not just Infrastructure, fluent in cloud costs

The Journey to Cloud Nirvana

Move beyond reactive, band-aid solutions to spiraling cloud costs

The cloud empowers new development agility

Digital agility creates a new management and cost paradigm for businesses.

"Blank check" mentality spirals cloud costs

 Distributed responsibility for cost management with no guard rails or process.

Optimization quick wins are a band-aid solution

Detecting anomalies and rightsizing cut costs but don't solve alignment problem.

Sustained infrastructure efficiency with alignment

Empower all infrastructure stakeholders to be fluent in cloud costs.

Unlock Infrastructure Intelligence

How Cloudthread empowers organizations with visibility and accountability

Turnkey application cost visibility and monitoring

Incorporate infrastructure costs into your existing application performance data  framework

Create accountability and align stakeholders

Empower your organization to proactively incorporate cloud costs into product development

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What is Thompson Capitals?

Thompson Capitals is an exclusive investment and financial management company that pay sure favorable returns with a compound interest option. We stand on the pillars of integrity, honesty, and reliability providing sound and transparent communication and visibility.

How long has Thompson Capitals been in service?

We have been operational, serving proudly and growing for the past two (2) years.

Is Thompson Capitals a registered company?

Yes, we are a legally registered company and all policies are binded by a legal agreement.

Can I be an investor from my country?

Yes, we accept international clients. Conditions apply.

Can I lose my investment with Thompson Capitals?

Thompson Capitals has implimented our Capital Risk Insurance Management Policy (CRIMP). The CRIMP insures that no client can ever lose their entire deposit by notifying the client if the investment has incured a 20% deficit and then making the appropiate options available. This feature has proven to be a top security and deciding factor. Contact us for more information on how the CRIMP can work for you.

How can I make payments?

We accept payments via Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, and PayPal. We can also accomodate Western Union transfers if requested. Our investment suites does not take into account any transfer fee that may be applicable.

Is there a smaller investment plan available?

We do have the Capital Investment Policy which is offered on occasion as a special. Contact us for more information on this policy and how we can make it available to you.

What is the Return On Investment?

Thompson Capitals has three (3) investment suites on offer as listed below, each with annual returns of 15%, 20% and 25% respectively. We also have a compound interest option available which allows your investment to multiply even more over the agreed period. Contact us for more information on how the compound interest option can work for you.

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Unit Costs That Map To Your Business

Automatically segment infrastructure costs by application for infrastructure product analysis

See application cost drivers by resource type and endpoint

Leverage both out-of-the-box and customizable analytics

Build tailored alerts and rightsize underutilized resources

Infrastructure Aligned Organization 

Empower Engineering and Product Managers to make cloud cost informed product decisions

Benchmark, forecast, and monitor product development cloud costs

Tailored dashboards for your different stakeholders

Infrastructure, Engineering, and Product infrastructure aligned 

Empower accountability across your organization and answer previously unapproachable questions about the relationship between your application and infrastructure costs.

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Three easy steps to achieve intuitive analytics

  1. Programmatically pull in cost, infrastructure, and application data

  2. Receive out-of-the box analytics for immediate value 

  3. Create custom alerts and mappings to monitor and unlock insights unique to your business

Talk to us today to achieve end-to-end visibility of your infrastructure

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Customer data security and confidence are our top priority

We consistently abide by preeminent industry security standards and abide by robust security practices. For more details on our security please reach out to our team.

Sensitive data is encrypted at rest

We don't store credit card information

Our platform security aligns with AWS best practices

Data is encrypted and secure in transit

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