We strive to make every engineering team confident in their cloud cost and environmental efficiency

Integrate cloud unit costs into engineering workflows - empower engineering teams to take action and manage towards company KPIs.

Cloud computing has transformed software infrastructure.

We are transforming how teams get value from the cloud.

When it comes to the cloud, the incredible agility and scalability given to your engineering teams comes with a responsibility. We exist to help engineering teams make cloud costs a first class metric.
Our success is measured by the confidence you have in your cloud cost efficiency.
Our Team has been helping companies grapple with cloud costs as FinOps practioners, IT consultants, and engineers. Ilia, our CPO, established the FinOps practice at Electronic Arts and led  the cloud cost management effort at Lyft ahead of the company's IPO which resulted in a 40% decrease in AWS costs.
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Daniele Packard
Ilia Semenov
Thomas Yopes
Sergey Ovodov
SWE, Backend
Yuri B
SWE, Data Platform
Arseniy Forshtreter
SWE, Frontend
Avi Khare
Growth Marketer
Adam Wright
Head of Sales
We're a remote, global team
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Individual Investors and Advisors

Ashley Smith
Ex-VP Marketing, Github
Ben Thompson
Co-Founder & Ex-CMO, GitPrime
Jason Child
CFO, Splunk
Jay Wallace
Engineering Leader, DoorDash
Kathleen Estreich
Ex-VP Marketing, Scalyr
Marina Mogilko and Dmitrii Pistolyako
Co-founders, Linguatrip
Michael White
Ex-Head of Engineering, Square
Moataz Soliman
Co-Founder, Instabug
Patrick Wendell
Co-Founder, Databricks
Renaud Visage
Co-Founder and CTO, Eventbrite
Tom Christ
Infrastructure, Simon Data
Tyler McGinnis
Co-Founder, UI.dev
Vinay Ram
Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Docusign
Vivek Mahapatra
RVP, Salesforce
Willem Ave
GM, Square
Yang Guo
Head of Data, Alt

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Make cloud costs a first class metric for your engineering organization.
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved