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Trusted by enterprises with 8-figure cloud bills, startups that want to grow with cost efficiency from day one, and everything in between

“If you give a team just raw cloud cost numbers, there’s so much context missing. Cloudthread gives us normalized engineering unit metrics and a convenient reporting layer so enginering teams can take control of their AWS cost efficiency.”
Rafael Garcia
CTO of Clever
“Cloudthread uncovered tens of thousands in monthly savings that weren't visible in Trusted Advisor and Compute Optimizer. Time is my team's most valuable asset - Cloudthread's savings dashboard lets me see waste in our environment and prioritize based on cost impact and effort.”
Benjamin Levenson
Director of Resilience and Acceleration at KCare
“Cloudthread empowers a cost-conscious culture for AWS at Stedi. Engineering gets visibility and cost avoidance with Cloudthread's analytics and reports. Product owners understand the cost of revenue with unit economics.”
Benoit Mayer
Product and Operations at Stedi
“Cloudthread is a core part of our cloud financial management setup. Cloudthread surfaces savings opportunities, creates a culture of engineering cost awareness, and bridges the gap between Infrastructure and Finance Teams”
Taylor Sutton
Mgr of Infrastructure
“Cloudthread helped Janio reduce our cloud bill by 25% and their platform gives us confidence in our AWS efficiency as we grow.”
“Cloudthread immediately helped cut our cloud costs by 10% and set us up with reports to continuously eliminate waste and understand the root cause of any anomalous cost behavior”
Alejandro Lozano Zárate
COO at Vitau

Cloudthread Fixes Usage Optimization

Make cloud costs a first class metric for your engineering organization.
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved