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Cloud cost waste detective computing 60+ savings opportunities to eliminate waste and unlock usage optimization.

Why Partner with Cloudthread?

Usage optimization requires specialized analytics to identify waste, streamline workflows, and integrate features for turning recommendations into action.

Happy Customers
Cloudthread customers typically unlock 10-35% in monthly savings within 6 weeks.
New Revenue
With Cloudthread you can unlock new long-term recurring revenue streams.
Low Overhead
Cloudthread handles sales and ongoing customer support so your teams stay focused on your business.
Efficiency Confidence
FinOps and Leadership get visibility into waste and confidence in cloud cost efficiency as they grow.
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Cloud Consultancies
Use Cloudthread to augment your Cloud FinOps offering. Easily unlock more savings for your customers and activate FinOps.
Cloud Resellers
Expand your services, increase value to your customers, and segment cost visibility across your portfolio.
“Cloudthread uncovered tens of thousands in monthly savings that weren't visible in Trusted Advisor and Compute Optimizer.”
Benjamin Levenson
IT Director at KCare
“Cloudthread helped Janio reduce our cloud bill by 25% and their platform gives us confidence in our AWS efficiency as we grow.”
Karthik Pitani
Head of Strategy, Product, & Engineering

Unlock more cloud value for your customers

Help your customers eliminate waste and unlock usage optimization.
- Easy setup. Infrastructure as code setup. No code changes or agents.
- Solve segmentation. Easily segment infrastructure visibility and ownership with the Cloudthread platform.
- Secure. SOC2 certified and Enterprise approved.
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Generate value for clients and grow your business
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