Our mission is to make cloud financials easy for engineers

Integrate cloud unit costs into engineering workflows - empower your team to take action


Who are we?

When it comes to the cloud, the incredible agility and scalability given to your engineering teams comes with a responsibility.


Our success is measured by the confidence you have in your cloud cost efficiency.

We're a group of engineers, data scientists, IT consultants, and relentless builders excited to help.


Daniele Packard

From virtualization software consulting to computer vision data processing, Daniele has experienced the agility the cloud provides but also the challenges that it creates, especially around visibility and adapting to the new, distributed accountability for infrastructure costs. Cloudthread empowers companies to bridge the gap between infrastructure and product development to achieve the value of the cloud with confidence. 


Daniele is relentlessly curious, whether it's a good book, building something useful, or learning some new sport to experience the thrill of acceleration outdoors.



Developing data engineering and analytical strategies across multiple environments Thomas has realized how difficult it can be to change decision making into a more data-driven, repeatable, and valuable process. Cloudthread wants to give all companies the tools to implement an analytical culture rooted in unit cost metrics that will improve cloud financial decision making across teams.


Thomas' favorite band is Earth Wind and Fire, he play the drums, and his favorite food is burritos, so feel free to reach out on these topics regardless of your interest in the platform : )



Leading cloud financial management efforts at various Silicon Valley companies Ilia has seen first-hand how engineering teams struggle with cloud costs and constant pressure from the business side. Having created various in-house solutions to address this issue and fundamentally increase cloud cost efficiency, Ilia is happy to help more companies through Cloudthread platform.


When Ilia is not disrupting the cloud economics space with his teammates, you can find him enjoying a good book, looking weird in a yoga head-stand or surfin’ USA (mostly California).


Vinay Ram copy.jpeg



As an engineering leader veteran, Vinay brings an acute understanding of the problem of reconciling development velocity with infrastructure costs.

Thomas Christ Pic.jpeg



A master of infrastructure scale, Tom brings experience translating complex infrastructure demands into intuitive cost frameworks.

Vivek Mahapatra copy.jpeg



As an experienced enterprise strategist, Vivek enables Cloudthread to translate specific functionality into a broader vision.

Make cloud costs a first class metric for your engineering organization.