Cloudthread Y Combinator
September 28, 2023

New Feature: Global Filters

Filter the Savings Hub by segments of infrastructure that make sense to your business. In addition to existing filters, create new Global Filters with any combination of inputs.

Cloudthread launched Global Filters, a new way to easily attribute infrastructure and filter in the Savings Hub. Whether you’re a central FinOps Team or a distributed engineering cloud cost owner, filter by application/business-unit with a single click.

If your Teams map to your applications, you might be able to simply use Team Segmentation in order to create the attribution you need for distributed cost ownership. If each team is responsible for multiple applications and if certain application infrastructure, you can create the applications as a Global Filter and easily filter Savings Opportunities by application within or across Teams.

Creating a Global Filter is simple for Admins.

Cloudthread: Global Filters

Once a team is created, you can select on our multiple Global Filters throughout the Savings Hub.

Cloudthread: Global Filters
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved