Cloudthread Y Combinator
January 19, 2023

New Feature: Cumulative Charts

See the big picture cost trends with cumulative charts.

New feature alert! Cloudthread is launching Cumulative Charts. Now seeing the total spend trends is much easier.

Cumulative Charts allow you to move from cost per day (week, month, year) to running cost sum view.

Cumulative Mode is our new feature for charts in Cloudthread App. It allows you to move from cost per day (week, month, year) to running cost sum view. This is important for high-level view of total cost trends, and works really well with our events overlay functionality – you can match meaningful total cost jumps to the events that caused them.

Switching to Cumulative Mode automatically adjusts the timeframe to the whole period, so that you can see the entire month or quarter of data on one chart. With our Previous period functionality, one chart contains the data for the previous period as well, so that you can see the growth of your total cloud spend for up to 6 months.

This UX feature was largely requested by our users, and already proved to be useful for high-level trends analysis and reports.

Please contact us to share your feedback or start using the Cumulative Charts as well as other cloud cost management capabilities Cloudthread platform provides.

Cloudthread Cumulative Charts