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June 15, 2023

New Feature: Savings Dashboard

Track savings potential, waste, and progress on cost saving threads from a single dashboard. Give FinOps and Engineering Leaders visibility into cost efficiency across your organization.

Cloudthread launched the Savings Dashboard to give FinOps and leadership an overview of waste and savings across the organization.

The Savings Opportunities that Cloudthread computes are considered waste in the environment. Opportunities that are grouped into threads and then resolved are considered savings realized.

Save time. Many organizations we speak to are tracking savings achieved through cost savings initiatives in spreadsheets without a central place to track savings progress and how much waste there is. Savings Dashboard helps close the loop between Cloud FinOps and Engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is “Total Active Savings” computed?
    This is the sum of all active savings opportunities estimated monthly savings, including those that are part of Threads that are in progress.
  2. Are archived opportunities included?
    No, archived opportunities are excluded from the savings dashboard completely, not included as waste or savings potential.
  3. How are “Savings” generated in the analytics?
    In two ways. First, Opportunities can be “Resolved” directly. Second, Threads can be marked “Done”. In both cases the estimated monthly savings of the Opportunities will show as realized savings for the remainder for. the month.
Cloudthread: Savings Dashboard
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved