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June 8, 2022

New Feature: Unit Metrics Library

Unit Metrics Library is a new feature on Cloudthread platform. It serves as a convenient repository of cloud cost unit metrics – both precomputed (created by Cloudthread) and custom (created by users).

New feature alert! Cloudthread is launching Unit Metrics Library. This is an addition to the platform's efficiency-focused set of capabilities aimed at more convenient discovery of cloud cost unit metrics.

Unit Metrics Library allows for convenient discovery of cloud cost unit metrics relevant for your engineering workflows.

Engineering unit metrics serving as a proxy for key business drivers while being close to engineering workflows can unlock new levels of cloud cost awareness for your engineering teams.

However, even with robust functionality for constructing various unit metrics that Cloudthread provides, it is often quite challenging to define which unit metric could move a needle for your particular use case.

Here the Library feature plays a big role: it comes with hundreds of predefined ("base") unit metrics that are created by Cloudthread technical FinOps experts and designed to get you started with efficiency analytics right away.

The feature is now available for AWS Cloudwatch metrics – contact us to start using it as well as other engineering-focused cloud cost management capabilities Cloudthread platform provides.

Cloudthread Unit Metrics Library
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved