Cloudthread Y Combinator
December 12, 2023

New Feature: One Click Automation

Automate action on your savings opportunities with a single click. Save time and lower the barrier of action for eliminating waste.

Cloudthread launched One Click Automation, giving both central FinOps Teams and distributed cloud cost owners the ability to automate action on certain Savings Opportunities with a single click from the Opportunities Explorer or from Threads.

Closing the loop on usage optimization is a tedious process. For central FinOps teams, it’s tedious to engage engineers to take action and track its completion. For Engineering Teams, action requires understanding what to do and taking time to act. With One Click Automation action can be taken directly from the Cloudthread Platform saving your Engineering Team time when it comes to closing the loop on usage optimization.

Single or Batch Automation

Savings Opportunities can be automated directly from the Opportunities Explorer either one at a time or in batches.

One Click Automation on a single Opportunity
One Click Automation on multiple Opportunities simultaneously


Action can be taken immediately or can be scheduled for a future time.

Change Log

All actions performed by Cloudthread are thoroughly tracked in the Automation Change Log.

Automation Log


One Click Automation requires additional permissions to enable. Cloudthread can continue to be used as a read-only platform in order to help you Discover, Deliver, and Track usage optimization savings opportunities.

If you’re interested in using One Click Automation, you can give Cloudthread write access to only a subset of infrastructure. You could, for example, enable One Click Automation for only dev and test accounts. This way FinOps or Engineering Team members can take advantage of One Click Automation for opportunities in low risk parts of your infrastructure but any production Savings Opportunities can go through your typical change management process in Jira, AWS, or ServiceNow.

Make cloud costs a first class metric for your engineering organization.
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved