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August 4, 2023

New Feature: Prioritization of Savings Opportunities

Assign priorities to Savings Opportunities categories and manage the priorities you want different teams to see. Help your distributed cloud cost owners focus on cost saving initiatives you want to prioritize and create different incentives/policies for different.

Cloudthread launched Prioritization of Savings Opportunities in order to help companies roll out a process of distributed cloud cost ownership in a focused way. Your central FinOps team can assign priorities to Savings Opportunity categories and choose prioritized opportunities to show to Teams. Admins and Team Members can filter by Prioritization in the Opportunities Explorer.

It can be overwhelming and counterproductive to show your engineering teams every possible savings opportunity in their infrastructure. Focus is essential when creating new work streams. Start with the non-negotiable first prioritities (e.g. unattached ebs), expand with more involved priorities (e.g. vpc endpoint instead of nat gateway), and create policies and incentives for different priorities.

Set priorities for each Savings Opportunity Category. Different priorities can be set for different accounts:

Savings Opportunities: Customize Prioritization

Adjust which priorities you want a given team to see:

Teams Creation: Assign Priorities

Filter by Priority in the Opportunities Explorer:

Opportunities Explorer: Filter Priority

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many different priorities can I set?
As many as you want.

2. Will priorities that aren’t shown to a team be included in their Savings analytics?
No, if a Priority is removed from the team it won’t contribute to that teams waste numbers in their Savings Dashboard. An Admin will still see all priorities included in the Admin Savings Dashboard.

3. Is it possible to have different Priorities for different accounts?
Yes. If you want a certain priority for prod and a different priority for dev, for example, this is possible.

4. What filters can I use to create a Team?
You can use the below dimensions to filter Teams.

  • Account Number
  • Payer Account Number
       - Multiple AWS Organizations can be added to a single Cloudthread account
  • Region
  • Service
  • Resource Tags
  • Account Tags
       - Associated with AWS Organizations

5. How do I test what Priorities a team can see?
If you’re an Admin, with two clicks you can “assume” a Team in order to understand what their experience is when they login.

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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved