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April 20, 2023

New Feature: Savings Opportunity Explorer

Surface, filter, and prioritize cost-saving opportunities in AWS across accounts and regions.

Cloudthread is launching Savings Opportunity Explorer to make surfacing, filtering, and prioritizing cost-saving opportunities across accounts and regions easy and efficient.

Cloud cost owners typically know that there is waste in their environment but surfacing that waste in a centralized place and being able to sort by cost impact and difficulty of implementation can be tedious and time-consuming.

Save time. Time is any team’s most valuable asset. Don’t manually dig through regions and accounts to discover cloud waste. Use the Savings Opportunity Explorer in order to surface all native and Cloudthread computed cost-saving opportunities in a centralized place.

Save money. Discovering savings and taking the first step to eliminate wasted cloud spend. One of our beta users found tens of thousands of monthly savings that weren’t visible in Compute Optimizer and Trusted Advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What’s included in the list of opportunities?

  • Cloudthread computed recommendations, for a full list see our docs
  • All native AWS optimization recommendations from Trusted Advisor (if you use it), Compute Optimizer, and Cost Explorer

2) Do I need to switch between regions and accounts to find appropriate recommendations?

No, Savings Opportunity Explorer aggregates all the optimizations across your environment. The optimizations explorer then indicates the relevant account and region.

3) What dimensions can be used to filter optimizations?

Category, Difficulty, Tag, Account, Region, Service, Group (e.g. rate or usage optimization)

4) How do you define the different “Difficulty” options?

Easy - zero downtime, zero performance risk

Medium - zero downtime, potential performance trade-offs

Hard - downtime required, potential performance trade-offs

5) How am I made aware of new cost-saving opportunities?

Currently, you need to visit the Cost Savings Explorer in the Cloudthread web app in order to see your cost savings opportunities. Coming soon are reports that will give a weekly overview of savings opportunities available and alerts for when opportunities above a certain threshold surface.

Cloudthread Savings Opportunity Explorer
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved