Cloudthread Y Combinator
September 21, 2023

New Feature: Team Leaderboard

Centrally compare Team spend, waste, and savings achieved month over month. Source of truth for Cloud FinOps usage optimization incentive programs.

Cloudthread launched Team Leaderboard, a new section of the Savings Hub, which aggregates spend, waste, and achieved savings data for each Team in a table that can exported. The Leaderboard can be filtered by priority, Cloud (e.g. AWS or GCP), Usage vs Rate, and Rate Optimization Settings like the rest of the Savings Hub.

Everyone talks about Cloud FinOps gamification and rewarding teams that act on usage optimization savings opportunities but actually rolling this out can be tricky. Aggregating savings opportunities for each team, tracking waste and savings over time, benchmarking teams as a percentage of their spend.

Team Leaderboard makes this easy. Central FinOps Teams get a turnkey system to create incentives and gamification for usage optimization and encourage engineering teams to take action.

Team Leaderboard


  1. How many months are displayed
    By default, 6 months of historical data.
  2. How are Teams defined?
    Teams are defined by Admins using Team Segmentation. Teams Filters created are automatically added as rows to the Team Leaderboard table.
  3. Can the Leaderboard be exported?
    Yes, as csv.
  4. How is “Achieved Savings / Mo” defined?
    It’s the monthly savings achieved in that month? For example, an Idle NAT Gateway that’s resolved in August will be attributed as savings in August and not be attributed in savings in September.
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved