Cloudthread Y Combinator
August 24, 2023

New Feature: Weekly Savings Opportunity Report

Get context on new waste generated in your environment and updates and savings progress delivered to your inbox and cloud cost Slack channel. Make sure easy waste gets addressed asap and more complicated opportunities are incorporated into engineering sprint planning.

Cloudthread launched a revamped Weekly Savings Opportunity Report to help companies operationalize cloud cost waste reduction. Create Savings Reports so that Teams can keep up to date on waste elimination workflows and see any new savings opportunities that have come up.

The report can be sent via email and Slack and it includes hyperlinks so that with one click you can dig into the savings opportunity, see spend context from that resource and the usage data Cloudthread referenced in order to trigger the savings opportunity.

Don’t let cloud cost waste linger in your environment until your quarterly clean up and leave money on the table. Surface waste on a weekly basis, address easy waste immediately (e.g. dle resources) and incorporate more involved waste into spring planning (e.g. RDS / DynamoDB  ElastiCach rightsizing), Filter the savings report by Customer Cost View or Team so that you can send a distributed cost owner Savings Opportunities that are relevant to their attributed infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the report have to go to the Slack channel that my overview and anomaly detection report is going to?
    a. No, you can create as many Savings Reports as you’d like and send them to distinct email and Slack channels (Slack channel must be public and not archived).
  2. When is the report delivered?
    a. Weekly on Tuesday morning.
  3. How do I get context on the Savings Opportunity?
    a. If you click “View Details” you’ll be taken to the Opportunity Context where you’ll find details about spend history and usage data Cloudthread referenced in order to trigger the savings opportunity.
  4. We don’t use Slack, do you support X?
    a. Get in touch - - we’d love to hear from you! Right now we support email and Slack only. If you’d like to operationalize cloud cost usage optimization with a different platform we’d love to chat.
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved