Cloudthread Y Combinator
September 7, 2023

New Feature: Savings Opportunities by Category

Get bird's eye view into cloud cost waste in your environment. Drill down into any category to get details about each opportunity. Filter by cloud provides Rate and Usage.

Cloudthread launched Savings Opportunities by Category in the Savings Dashboard which aggregates all Savings Opportunities into a chart that gives an immediate sense of where the most cloud waste is. Just like for the rest of the Savings Dashboard, the opportunities can be filtered by Team, Cloud Platform, and Usage or Rate. Particularly when first logging into Cloudthread, it’s valuable to understand where the most waste has accumulated.

Central FinOps Teams can get a bird's eye view into what kind of waste exists across their entire infrastructure and for every Team Segmentation they’ve defined. Distributed cloud cost owners on Teams get a summary of their infrastructure waste.

Each Category is a hyperlink that leads to a filtered view of the Opportunities Explorer (see video below).

Savings Opportunities by Category
Make cloud costs a first class metric for your engineering organization.
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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved