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April 27, 2023

New Feature: Savings Threads

Group savings opportunities into “Threads” to kick off a Savings Workflow. Assign Threads to the appropriate owner and track progress on savings action.

Cloudthread is launching Savings Threads to make organizing action, assigning ownership, and tracking progress on savings Opportunities easier for cloud cost owners.

Confronted with a variety of savings Opportunities across their environment, cloud cost owners need to organize Opportunities into mini projects to kick off the action.

Save time. If you have an engineer assigned to clean up all unattached EBS volumes in your environment, you shouldn’t need to click into each individual Unattached EBS Volume saving Opportunity in order to assign it to the appropriate owner and track that it gets done. In Savings Opportunities Explorer filter the Unattached EBS Volumes, select them all, and create a Thread to assign to the appropriate person.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can any Opportunity be grouped into a Thread together?

For now, yes, any combination of Opportunities can be grouped into a Thread. In the future, we may inhibit combinations to encourage users to tackle opportunities as separate initiatives (e.g. make it impossible to group an EC2 Rightsizing Opportunity and an EC2 Savings Plan Opportunity into a single thread.

2) What is tracked from a Thread?

Threads show the sum of all Opportunity savings, Jira issues associated with the Thread, the Thread description, and any GitHub PRs associated with the Thread.

3) How does a user keep track of all Threads?

The Thread Dashboard provides a summary of all threads including the number and savings of Threads present in each Status, a table with each Thread and its associated Status, and a table with all the Assigned Opportunities.

4) How is Savings Opportunities Explorer affected by Opportunities being assigned to a Thread?

Savings Opportunities assigned to Threads will still be visible in the “Available Opportunities” table from the Opportunities Explorer. Users can filter the Available Opportunities to show unassigned Opportunities only. Archived Opportunities cannot be assigned to Threads.

5)Which different Statuses can a Thread have?

Threads can behave the below-assigned statuses:

  • Open
  • Validation
  • Implementation
  • Done
  • Rejected

6) What happens to rejected Threads?

Rejected Threads will remain visible in the Threads Dashboard and can. Opportunities from Rejected Threads will still be visible in the Available Opportunities table.

7) Can Opportunities be part of multiple Threads?

No, Savings Opportunities can only be assigned to a single Thread. If you’d prefer to be able to assign Opportunities to multiple Threads, please let us know via or through the in-app chat.

Cloudthread Savings Threads
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