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October 3, 2023

Why Cloudthread Series: Part 2 – Engineering Action

Cloudthread makes it easy to share optimization opportunities with engineers and implement them to achieve savings.

As businesses dive deeper into the cloud, the challenge isn't just about identifying cost-saving opportunities, but also ensuring they're effectively communicated and acted upon. The cloud's flexibility is a double-edged sword: while it offers scalability, it also introduces a myriad of optimization avenues. This post zooms in on the communication challenges between FinOps and Engineering teams and how Cloudthread is the bridge that connects them.

Before Cloudthread: The Communication Maze

Speak to any FinOps professional, and they'll paint a picture of the hurdles they face when trying to convey cost-saving insights to engineering teams:

  • Lost in Translation: Turning cost-saving insights into actionable tasks for engineers often feels like translating between two different dialects.
  • Scattered Communication: Sharing these insights can become a jumbled mess of emails, spreadsheets, and endless meetings, leading to confusion and missed chances.
  • Lack of Clarity: Without a structured approach, engineers are often left in the dark about the priority, impact, or steps required for each optimization.

After Cloudthread: Seamless Sharing and Collaboration

Cloudthread steps in to untangle this communication web:

  • Threads: At its core, Cloudthread introduces "Threads". Defined as a grouping layer for optimization opportunities, a Thread is essentially an optimization mini-project. Cloud cost owners create these projects to conveniently share them with Engineers and track the implementation process in the Threads section of the platform.
  • JIRA Integration: No more lost insights. With Cloudthread's JIRA integration, Threads can be effortlessly converted into actionable JIRA tickets. This gives engineers a clear path to follow, all without the need for FinOps managers and analysts to dive into JIRA.
  • Prioritization: Don't overwhelm engineers with countless savings opportunities. Prioritize each project to ensure only the most crucial tasks capture the limited attention of engineering teams.
  • Visual Context: Engineers aren't left guessing. Cloudthread equips each Thread and Opportunity with charts of metrics, such as resource utilization (CPU, memory, network throughput, etc.), historical usage, and more, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of the optimization task at hand.
  • Implementation Support: To smoothen the optimization process, Cloudthread provides additional implementation-focused context and tools, including code snippets for Terraform, CLI opt-in automation, and more.
Cloudthread Threads Section

Wrapping It Up

Cloudthread is more than just a tool; it's a bridge that fosters collaboration between FinOps and Engineering teams. By ensuring clear communication and providing actionable insights, Cloudthread is transforming the way businesses approach cloud cost optimization.

Keep an eye out for "Why Cloudthread Series: Part 3", where we'll explore the intricacies of tracking these savings and how Cloudthread ensures transparency in reporting to leadership. Stay connected!

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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved