Cloudthread Y Combinator
September 1, 2023

New Feature: Revamped Savings Opportunity Filters

Easily filter savings opportunities across Organizations, Cloud Providers, Accounts, Resource Tags, Account Tags, Difficulty, and more. Make prioritizing by cost impact and difficulty easy.

Cloudthread launched revamped filters for the Opportunities Explorer, making it easier than ever to prioritize waste elimination in the cloud. Central Cloud FinOps Teams can shift through thousands of savings opportunities with just a few clicks to kick off Threads with what’s important. Distributed cloud cost owners can focus on what their priority is.

Savings Opportunities can be filtered by:

  • Category
    - Type of savings opportunity e.g. RDS Rightsizing
  • Est Monthly Savings
    - Sliding scale of amount that can be saved
  • Difficulty
    - Cloudthread assigned difficulty of enacting savings opportunity
    - Easy: zero downtime, zero performance risks
    - Medium: zero downtime, potential performance trade-offs
    - Hard: downtime required, potential performance trade-offs
  • Priority
    - Admin assigned priority to the savings opportunity
  • Service
    - Cloud Service that the Savings Opportunity is relevant to
  • Group
    - Whether the opportunity is Usage or Rate Optimization
    - Usage Optimization: Opportunities to reduce resource usage waste. Eliminate things you’re paying for but not using
    - Rate Optimization: Opportunities to maximize resource committed use discounts. Pay less for things you know you’ll be using
  • Resource Tags
    - AWS Cost Allocation Tags or GCL Labels
  • Account Tags
    - AWS Organizations Account Tag
  • Region
    - Where the resource is
  • Platform
    - Cloudthread currently supports AWS and GCP

Category Filter Example

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Copyright © 2024 CloudThread Inc. All rights reserved