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December 20, 2023

Why Cloudthread Series: Part 6 – Distributed Cloud Cost Ownership Demo

Summary of Cloudthread LinkedIn Live event from Dec 14, 2023 – Ilia Semenov does the walk through the Cloudthread platform for DCCO implementation case.

In this installment of our "Why Cloudthread" series, we focus on the recent demo led by Ilia Semenov, co-founder and chief product officer, which provides a comprehensive understanding of the Distributed Cloud Cost Ownership (DCCO) model. This session not only elucidates the concept of DCCO but also demonstrates how Cloudthread is instrumental in facilitating cloud usage optimization within this framework.

Detailed Insights from the Cloudthread DCCO Demo

Introduction to DCCO

The session, led by Ilia Semenov, starts with an in-depth explanation of Distributed Cloud Cost Ownership, highlighting its significance in decentralizing the management of cloud usage and expenses.

Cloudthread's Unique Role

The demo underscores Cloudthread's capabilities in supporting DCCO, particularly in offering detailed insights into cloud usage and costs across various teams and projects.

Workflow Demonstration Emphasizing the Discover, Deliver, Track Cycle

  • Discover Phase: Cloudthread’s robust discovery tools for usage optimization opportunities are showcased, enabling teams to identify key usage drivers and areas for optimization. The platform’s intuitive aggregate dashboard with filtering, search and prioritization features provides a comprehensive view of usage optimization opportunities from various sources (AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, Databricks, etc.), laying the groundwork for effective optimization with no time wasted on searching cloud consoles and no money wasted on unnoticed optimization opportunities.
  • Deliver Phase: The platform’s strength in facilitating the communication side of usage optimization strategies is highlighted. Cloudthread offers not just actionable recommendations discovery, but also mechanisms to pass these recommendations to engineering stakeholders defined within the DCCO model: Distributed Cloud Cost Owners, Implementation Engineers, and back to FinOps team members. Integrations with project management tools such as Jira or ServiceNow as well as rich implementation context for each opportunity are the major features here.
  • Track Phase: The demo showcases usage optimization tracking capabilities of Cloudthread platform. With a robust set of dashboards reporting overall optimization progress with savings achieved or abandoned by teams, FinOps practitioners can have a full visibility into what is going on with their DCCO cycle in terms of actual results. The detailed optimization workflow analytics give even more details into why certain things have or have not happened. This all helps to report the results to leadership and to introduce adjustments into the continuous optimization process on the go. Moreover, features like Team Leaderboard help to present the results back to engineering teams for gamification and encouragement purposes.

Enhancing Collaboration Across Teams

The platform’s ability to connect FinOps and engineering teams within the DCCO framework is demonstrated, fostering a cohesive strategy for cloud usage optimization. For a real-life example of implementing Cloudthread to enable collaborative usage optimization based on DCCO model, see the use case from Align Technology.

Anomaly Detection and Spend Trend Analysis

A key note is the platform's ability to identify anomalies and dangerous spend trends. This feature set is crucial for maintaining visibility over cloud costs, serving as an excellent prerequisite for usage optimization within the DCCO model.

Streamlining Cloud Usage Optimization with Cloudthread

This demo is more than a feature showcase; it's a testament to Cloudthread's dedication to empowering teams with the tools and insights necessary for effective cloud usage optimization. The DCCO model, as demonstrated, is a practical and actionable strategy with Cloudthread at its core.

Stay tuned for our next article in the "Why Cloudthread" series, where we will delve into more innovations and success stories in cloud usage optimization.

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