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Find over $500 in monthly AWS savings OR we’ll give you $100
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Find over $500 in monthly AWS

savings with Cloudthread or we’ll

give you a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Eligibility requirements
Must be spending over $5,000 / mo on AWS
Must complete “Full Cloudthread Onboarding” as defined here
Must onboard before
December 31st 2023
“Cloudthread uncovered tens of thousands in monthly savings that weren't visible in Trusted Advisor and Compute Optimizer.”
Benjamin Levenson
IT Director at KCare
“Cloudthread helped Janio reduce our cloud bill by 25% and their platform gives us confidence in our AWS efficiency as we grow.”
Karthik Pitani
Head of Strategy, Product, & Engineering

Three steps to savings


Create Cloudthread Account

Use email, Google, GitHub, or SSO.

Integrate Cloudthread with AWS

5-minute integration using an AWS CloudFormation Stack. Complete “Full Cloudthread Onboarding” described here.
“It's crazy fast and easy to setup, my compliments to the engineering team”
- Actual Cloudthread customer

Discover Savings

Wait 48 hours for us to analyze your services, CloudWatch usage data, and Cost and Usage Report. You’ll get an email from us when your savings are ready. Check your Savings Dashboard.

Savings Potential
OVER $500?

You’re welcome! Dive into the Savings Opportunities Explorer to filter by impact and difficulty. Dive into the opportunity for context on the saving, create savings threads to kick off workflows, and use Jira integration to engage engineering.

Savings Potential
UNDER $500?

Take a screenshot of your “Total Active Savings” from the Opportunities Explorer, share it with our team through the in-app chat, we’ll verify eligibility, and we’ll send you a $100 Amazon gift card via email.

Uncover all the waste

Aggregate all native (Trusted Advisor & Compute Optimizer) and Cloudthread computed savings opportunities.

Easily filter & prioritize

Centrally filter all savings opportunities by difficulty, cost impact, region, and account.

Create action

Group opportunities into threads, assign to the right owner in Jira, provide evaluation context, & track progress.

Analyze & attribute savings

Close the loop with centralized savings tracking and stay aware of waste that creeps up with reporting.

Enterprise Ready

Least privilege access and Enterprise approved for no-brainer cloud savings
Single Sign On (SSO)
SOC2 Certified
Team Management
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