Forecasting and Scenario Modeling

Forecasting and Scenario Modeling empower Finance to enforce budgets and predict cloud costs based on business growth
Reliable time series forecasts

One click forecasts show your teams what they’re predicted monthly or quarterly spend will be

For any Custom Cost View, generate a monthly or quarterly time-series forecast of spend with a single click.
From the Cost View Library see how forecasts are tracking towards budgets and get alerted if budgets will be exceeded.
Unit economics scenario modeling

Forecast cloud costs based on predicted business growth with unit metric scenario models

Create Unit Metrics that map to business drivers (e.g. $/user, $/order, $/api-request).
Create scenarios that show infrastructure costs and margin based on business forecasts.
Circulate scenarios to teams for approval or adjustment to ensure organization cloud costs are consistently predictable.
Flexible cloud cost budgets

Nurture accountability proactively flag issues with budgets

Create monthly or quarterly Budgets for each Custom Cost View. Visualize performance relative to budget, alert when budgets will be exceeded, and report on budget performance
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