Cloudthread Unit Economics

Unlock the focus on cloud cost efficiency and exposes real business value of your cloud footprint
Unit Metrics Lab

Understand your Unit Metrics and customize them easily

Track your Unit Metrics and their components over time.
Create new Unit Metrics by pulling the data from your data warehouse, applications and cloud, adjust them with powerful filters, save and share them with the team.
Unit Metrics Library

Get an instant exposure to thousands of meaningful unit metrics pre-calculated for you

Unit Metrics Library allows for convenient discovery of cloud cost unit metrics relevant for your workflows.
Not sure what exact metric to choose for tracking? Cloudthread works with you to understand what is the most important and why.
Trusted by enterprises with 8-figure cloud bills, startups that want to grow with cost efficiency from day one, and everything in between
… and many more
“If you give a team just raw cloud cost numbers, there’s so much context missing. Cloudthread gives us normalized engineering unit metrics and a convenient reporting layer so enginering teams can take control of their AWS cost efficiency.”
Rafael Garcia
CTO of Clever
Unit Metrics Recommendations

Find out what unit metrics make the most sense

Cloudthread integrations (such as AWS CloudWatch, Snowflake, Kubernetes and more) as well as pre-calculated metric library expose a combination of metrics that can be overwhelming.
We deploy our decade-long FinOps expertise so that you can create a unit economics framework that makes the most sense for your workflows.