Cost Savings Insights

Expose underutilized resources and savings opportunities to engineering owners in their workflows
Compute Cost Savings Insights

Catch virtual machines that are not used efficiently, rightsize them and save $

Cloudthread is tracking your fleet of cloud instances and alerts you on resources that are underutilized. Never miss the machine that is too big and too expensive for your workload.
Container Cost Savings Insights

Have your container utilization in check, never miss that unused capacity

Keeping the utilization in check is a challenge if you are using Kubernetes or other cloud container services.
Cloudthread helps you expose and reduce underutilized containers so that you can save even more $.
Comprehensive Cost Savings Insights

Uncover savings opportunities across your entire cloud infrastructure, not just compute

We deploy our decade-long FinOps expertise to surface savings opportunities for your services, whether it’s unattached EBS volumes, Lambdas running excessively, over-provisioned RDS, and more.
Have confidence in the cost-efficiency of your infrastructure.
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