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Cloud Cost Saving Sprint

Hands on cloud economics support to remove wasted cloud spend and setup foundation for efficient growth
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Guaranteed savings

Peace of mind knowing that you'll be able to reduce your cloud bill and allocate budget towards growth.

Hands on support

Don’t let recommendations be the stopping point. Get hands on support focused on outcomes.

Zero Risk

No savings, no cost to you. 25% of monthly savings. Transparency and completely aligned incentives.
“Cloudthread uncovered tens of thousands in monthly savings that weren't visible in Trusted Advisor and Compute Optimizer. Time is my team's most valuable asset - Cloudthread's savings dashboard lets me see waste in our environment and prioritize based on cost impact and effort.”
Benjamin Levenson
Director of Resilience and Acceleration at KCare
“Cloudthread helped Janio reduce our cloud bill by 25% and their platform gives us confidence in our AWS efficiency as we grow.”

Zero Risk Savings

Maximize your AWS savings with minimal effort.
Our team of experts combine professional services with Cloudthread’s technology to guaranteed savings on your AWS bill. You pay nothing if we don't save you money.

Set the Foundation for Efficient Growth

Achieve cloud cost intelligence for your teams. Get platform for visibility, governance, reporting, anomaly detection, and unit economics.

AWS Cost Optimization Without Compromising Security

Reduce your AWS bill without sacrificing security.
Our strict security measures and SOC2 Type 1 compliance ensure the protection of your data.

Our team has been pioneering FinOps since 2014

We led cloud cost optimization efforts at companies like Electronic Arts and Lyft, reducing AWS costs by over 40%.
As Certified FinOps Practitioners, we have helped companies of all sizes run their AWS operations cost-effectively.


Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Savings discovery
Savings implementation
Wrap up

Frequency Asked Questions

If you have any other questions – please schedule at your convenience here
How long does the cost savings sprint typically last?

Typically 6 weeks:
- One week focused on access;
- Two on cost saving discovery;
- Two on cost saving implementation;
- One wrapping up deliverables.

Sometimes there are company specific timelines (e.g. data access) that extend timelines and we are flexible to this.

What data do you need access to?

A Cost and Usage Report (CUR). Some customers share log data to gather more insight, but this is optional.

How much Engineering time is required?

<10 total hours over 6 weeks. Once we get access to the right data, we do all the work. Most questions about resources can be answered async.

How do you communicate during an engagement?

We typically setup a weekly recurring meeting and join a shared Slack/Teams in order to facilitate communication.

How much does it cost?

$0 upfront costs. After the 6-week savings sprint, we generate a report showing how much was saved. After your leadership validates the results, we charge 25% of those savings.

What about security?

We have SOC2 Type 1 compliance and have passed security audits with some of the largest companies in the world.

Do you support GCP and Azure?

Currently no - our cost savings sprints are focused on AWS.

How do we start?

A 30 min intro call with our team will validate whether it makes sense to explore more deeply. Put your email in the form below and you’ll be hearing from our team quickly.

Ready to level-up?

Lower your cloud bill and make cloud costs a first class metric for your team
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